RDL were invited to undertake culvert works on the west coast main line between London and Stoke on Trent, works included:

  • Individual culvert surveys
  • Provision of initial reports
  • Planning of the works
  • Implementation and management of the works
  • Provision of final reports

The track and land drainage system commonly consists of piped drains, catch pits, ditches, culverts, under track crossings and retaining walls that periodically require inspection, cleaning and repair. The wellbeing of the surrounding strata and track structure depends on the ability of the drainage system to remove water quickly and to be able to cope in times of peak flow.

Our skilled culvert team for the works were all CoSS and confined spaces qualified and used the latest electronic and protective equipment to ensure that the works were undertaken in a safe manner and without incident.

RDL treat our environmental responsibilities very seriously and minimised the impact to the surrounding area through working within the RDL and Network Rail environmental policies. Fuel, noise and waste were specifically managed to negate harmful impact.

Some of the works included the use of an excavator for digging and winches for pulling scraping buckets through culverts and pipes.

The reinstatement and repair works included:

  • Clearing accesses
  • Digging-out of silted ditches, re-making banks
  • Cutting back and removal of vegetation
  • Pointing and repair of head and supporting walls
  • Cleaning-out debris and mud from pipes and culverts
  • Removing litter

The project manager for the works was Dave James, the RDL Works Manager.


Before After

Culvert outfall

Steel pipe