PPE worn reflects how long ago we undertook this work.

Works were carried out under an Alliance Agreement led by Network Rail, through teams comprising of Alfred McAlpine, Amec Spie Rail Systems, Grant Rail and Westinghouse Rail Systems. Under the base case works Alfred McAlpine provided civil engineering support to the Alliance in the form of signal post/location/ REB bases and troughing routes, together with foundations for 150 new OHLE masts.The WARM covered an area of approximately 56 route miles from Bethnal Green to Stansted Airport, including the branch lines to Enfield, Chingford and Hertford. Works were undertaken to modernise the signalling and electrification equipment.  The route was bounded by both intensive urban developments and environmentally sensitive sites within the Lea Valley Country Park, with an extensive river and reservoir system adjacent to the line.

RDL supported Alfred McAlpine to install 140 concrete and 160 screw pile bases under our railway safety case. Road/rail 360° excavators and trailers were hired from Hiremee and BCL and operated with the Screwfast torque head system for the rotary pile installation. Conventional pre-cast and poured concrete bases were provided using the same plant. The rotary pile system typically taking four hours to install, against several days for conventional poured bases.

In successfully delivering the WARM Project, the Alliance won the National Rail Award Project of the Year award in 2004 acknowledging that the five Alliance members had become a ‘quality benchmark for future projects’ taking into account a wide range of environmental benefits and an excellent safety record and in particular achieving a programme of commissioning dates with no cost overruns over the last 12 months. Alan Prophet – Project Director – Network Rail, made it clear that the project had relied on teamwork from the main alliance members and many other subcontractors who had been associated with the re-signalling works.