RDL were invited to assist Alfred McAlpine with their cliff face reinforcement works in the Fairbourne area on the Cambrian Coast line, works included:Introduction

The works included accessing the line at Fairbourne station level crossing and transporting personnel to the worksite adjacent to the cliff face in a road rail crew bus. Materials and equipment were taken to and from site on a boxed rail trailer hauled by a 20T 360° road rail excavator.

The works involved the drilling, pinning and netting of the cliff face above the track and the filling of a blow hole at the base of the cliff on the beach. These works were undertaken by specialist contractors managed by Alfred McAlpine. A specialist tracked grouting rig was loaded on to a flat rail trailer at Fairbourne and transported to site where it was unloaded and tracked along as it worked. Water and grout were fed by our excavator and trailer. The blow hole was filled with stone and concrete over the edge of the cliff from track level. Again all materials were transported by excavator and trailer.

The works were carried out during the Winter period through some of the most challenging weather. Though some plant difficulties did presented themselves at one point, these were quickly overcome with no adverse effect on the works.

The RDL Cambrian Coast works were completed within budget and on time. The project manager for these works was Mark Higgins, RDL’s Operations Director.