The Railway Drainage John Deere Gators have been modified by Harsco Track Technologies (who are better known for the supply of Permaquip equipment) to enable road rail operation. Each Gator is equipped with a hydraulic brake system enabling it to pull a load of 5,600Kg and is light enough to be transported to site on a plant trailer. Each Gator has a payload of 200Kg on rail.

Each Gator is equiped with a hydraulic turntable and ramps allowing it to be
tracked and de-tracked on any level stretch of well ballasted track or preferably a rail access point or level crossing.

The drawbar capacity allows each Gator to pull either a pair of cable drum
trailers, five personnel carriers (30 persons), three loaded flat flat trolleys, five
60′ rails or a mix, up to its maximum load of 5,600Kg.


Gator Applications

Gators are proving a very popular way of delivering men and materials from a site access point to the exact work location within a possession. In addition,
the personnel carriers make an ideal platform from which to undertake both lineside and tunnel inspections.


Gator and two personnel carriers.


The machine controller has control of the emergency brake when riding in the personnel carrier when propelling.


A lifting frame is supplied to allow slinging from an RRV or crane.


The arm can be adjusted to negotiate adjacent infrastructure. Cable drums are braked to prevent cable runaway.