RDL have worked with Network Rail and their predecessors since 2003 undertaking drainage and culvert works on the infrastructure.

 Much of the work involves restoring existing culverts, pipes and chambers to their formal glory ensuring that the track is returned to a well drained state.

 Specialist equipment can be used to scan for existing buried pipe work. Surveys can often be undertaken using a remotely controlled camera which videos the whole journey providing a full condition report to the client. Efficient use of budgets is ensured by targeting remedial action only where it’s required. A second survey will show the repairs/renewals undertaken.

 Blocked pipe work can often be cleared with remote controlled root and concrete cutters. Damaged pipe work can sometimes be repaired by pulling a liner through the system without the need to cause disturbance to the track and surrounding environment and negating the risk of working in confined spaces.

 For further information, please contact our Operations & Technical Director, Mark Higgins.