Client Endorsement

Thanks for your email and thank you (and the team) for the work you have done so far. The performance at Westerfield has been well received by our client and my senior managers, we look forward to continuing to do business with you in the future.

I’m really keen to see the photos of the finished product and share them with the rest of the team.

Ameer IBRAHIM , Acting Delivery Manager – Track, Colas Rail (24/05/16)

I just wanted to write to congratulate your company with regards to the excellent works recently completed between Kemble Wick and Kemble South. The state of the catchpits and the drainage system prior to attendance by Railway Drainage Limited was shocking and an embarrassment for my team and I. However after your attendance and having reviewed the report provided, my team and I now have a functioning drainage system that we can inspect and maintain.

Thank you again, I’m delighted.
Mark Howells, Engineer, Western Route, Network Rail (13/05/16)

Things went very well with the Tube Cube and we were all very happy with it and your guys that work alongside it.

Kind regards
Stuart Brown, Euston DU Drainage, Network Rail (10/05/16)

I would like to thank all the RDL lads for their help over the weekend. They were very helpful and proactive with our men in getting the job done.

Kind regards
Jason Fitzsimons, Managing Director, Carrickeast Construction Limited (07/03/16)