RDL’s powered “A” frames allow the laying and recovery of all types of cables. This is particularly effective when used from a rail trailer but can be used static from the lineside.

RDL added the powered hydraulic cable “A” frames to its plant portfolio in order to improve the efficiency of client works on a large re-signalling project. Mounted statically or attached to a rail trailer. The diesel powered “A” frames can handle drums of conventional copper and aluminium cable as well as fibre optic cable.

The “A” frames are particularly well suited to laying cables that would be damaged by the use of a non-powered “A” frame.

The operator controls the drum speed, direction and braking remotely by pendant control ensuring that they and all operatives remain outside of the exclusion zone.

This equipment can also be used to recover redundant cable.

RDL can also provide non-powered “A” frames for manual spooling.

For further information, please contact our Operations & Technical Director, Mark Higgins.